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Established in 2007

Situated in the beautiful Devon countryside, Mystic Earth offers items handcrafted by Anna-Marie (The Crystal Lady).  

Mystic Earth was created when jewellery making skills were combined with a love of crystals and gemstones and the fascination of crystal healing.

As a certified Crystal Healer, Anna-Marie spends a lot of her time researching the healing properties of different stones and finding new ways of adding them to jewellery.

The first Mystic Earth healing necklace was created in early 2008,  it’s affect on the owners health was so encouraging that many more soon followed.  Since then, Mystic Earth jewellery has been aiding a wide variety of people in all walks of life.  Among our satisfied customers is a local Reiki Master who specializes in Equine Healing.  She currently uses three of our necklaces for various purposes.

“My favourite part of creating Mystic Earth jewellery is the total surprise of the end product.  Each one is unique and always ends up different to how I imagine!”

                                                               ‘The Crystal Lady’

We would like to thank our customers who appreciate the qualities of UK Hand made items.                                                                                                                     ‘The Crystal Lady’                              

“Do you have an idea for a certain piece of  jewellery that you would like?

Let me be your personal Jewellery Designer!. “